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on twitter and on google, plus look for @mariabartiromo. >>> here is a look at the news that may move the markets and impact your money. home depot, hp, target and sears. on monday, united continental will begin flying the 787 dreamliner once again. and on tuesday, microsoft is set to debut the next generation xbox. on wednesday ben bernanke will testify on the central bank's economic outlook before congress. that same day, the fomc minutes from its meeting earlier this month will be released. also on wednesday, existing home sales figures come out for the month of april. the new home sales figures will also follow on thursday. >>> and finally today, that cup of joe keeps getting more and more expensive. but it is worth more than half a million dollars? it was to one anonymous bidder who paid $610,000 to have a coffee date with apple ceo tim cook at the company headquarters. charity buzz, which helps nonprofits raise donations, kicked off the auction back in april with a starting bid of $50,000. the majority of the proceeds will benefit the robert f. kennedy center for justice and hum
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1